The Enchanted WoodTrurners of Santa Fe NM

Join Us at the State Fair? September 10-21, 2014

Let’s all pitch in and increase our good deeds count! Turning at the State Fair for a shift gives you that Good Deeds Count!  The  sign up for turning and videos is in the email your received from John.

NMWT has taken on the role of organizing the Woodturning area, and the State Fair Coordinator is Jim Breeden.  Jim can be reached at jfbreeden@comcast.net or by phone at 505 352-0159.  He is in charge of scheduling all volunteers, in addition to many other duties.

Also you may submit pieces for judging! AND of course — Be at and enjoy the Fair! I hope some of you availed yourselves of the opportunity to enter your work into the Santa Fe County Fair. If you missed that chance or want to continue to explore the opportunities to display your work, the NM State Fair is coming up September 10-21.

Entries can be turned in Friday and Saturday, September 5-6 at the Expo Fairgrounds.

In addition to displaying your work, in conjunction with theNMWT, the NM State Fair offers the chance to demonstrate the art and fun of woodturning. If you have never demonstrated before, this is a can’t miss opportunity. People love to see even the simplest things.  Watching the demonstrator just take a square piece to round even draws “wow” comments.

Most people have never seen woodturning and it’s fun and rewarding.

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