The Enchanted WoodTrurners of Santa Fe NM

Sales! November 2014 NMWT Member Tool & Wood Sales

Below is a PDF document describing two separate sales by NMWT members.  They are both on the same PDF with photos:

Dan Shipman, a former President and long-time member is generously donating the proceeds from a Grizzly 2 HP Dust Collector and a Ryobi 10″ Table Saw.  The Dust Collector includes all related pipes, fittings, etc.
Larry Anderson, a former Newsletter Editor, has a very large collection of wood blanks and some flat stock.  Many species are included, and his inventory of pen blanks alone runs in excess of 1000.  The attached document lists prices for the pen blanks, and description of the other items.  Larry needs to make room for a large project in his barn.
Neither of these sales are scheduled, so consider them both “first come” availability.  Please contact Dan or Larry directly, and I’ve provided phone and email contact information for both in the attachment.  Please do not respond directly the website or the email you received regarding sale details.

Shipman and Anderson Sales 11-20-2014

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