The Enchanted WoodTrurners of Santa Fe NM

Meeting Info for July 13, 2015

From the desk of the Club President, David Wahl:

Ralph and Chucks!

Monday- 6PM- July 13, 2015   Enchanted Woodturners Meeting

Meeting Subject: Ralph Watts will show us how to hold things on the lathe with various CHUCKS.

Sure, you know how to hold things so you can work on them. You know how to use a vise, a couple of clamps, big plyers, Army green tape or just put your foot on it.  Ralph will not discuss any of these.

Ralph, a self-described “nuclear garbage man” and Zen woodturner, has made some fabulously outrageous things on the lathe with ingenious chucking methods.

He will first give us some chucking tips that he has found useful over the years,

Then Ralph will discuss and show us several methods for chucking your wood including:

Basic Chucks, Screw Chuck, Jam Chucks, Faceplate, Center to Center Chucking, Vacuum Chucking,

and some other varieties. Ralph will also discuss what not to chuck!

All of the holding methods that Ralph will discuss and demonstrate are inexpensive, actually comparatively cheap.

If you want to go big time with a very expensive holding method, then use: “Honey, can you hold this for me?”

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