The Enchanted WoodTrurners of Santa Fe NM

2015 August 10 Meeting

Finishing for Woodturning: TEW Monday- 6PM- August 10, 2015 The Enchanted Woodturners Meeting –

YOU are part of this month’s Finishing program for The Enchanted Woodworkers (TEW).  This is a program by members, and for members, in which we will share the techniques, methods, and materials that we use to finish our woodturning projects.  Probably none of us is a finishing authority, but each of us has tried several different finishing options, and we may have found an approach or two that we use in different situations.

Please bring samples and examples of some of your turnings with finishes.  Tell us about your successes and about your frustrations and failures.  Our vice president, Cleve Pardue, will lead the discussion, helping us to share our knowledge with each other.  I expect that we will each learn several new options and approaches, that may improve our finishing on future projects.  Cleve asks us to include such topics as sanding, sealing, topcoats (shellacs, oils- various types-, lacquers, water based types, super glues, friction polishes), dyes and stains, buffing, finishing on and off the lathe, rubbing out, waxes, etc.  Cleve suggests that we leave for a later program the topics of embellishing, carving, “decorating”, and woodburning!
We all have one week until the next TEW meeting, to select or create a few examples, and to think about the different elements that go into our finishing processes.  Please be ready to share your finishing experiences, positive and negative.

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