The Enchanted WoodTrurners of Santa Fe NM

2015 October Meeting Info

Monday- 6PM- October 12, 2015 Enchanted Woodturners Meeting

We will meet at Santa Fe High School Woodworking Shop

Subject: Christmas Ornaments
Presenter: Alan Becker
Mentors: Elves from the North Pole

With the holiday season now approaching, it’s time to think of decorations that we can make for friends and family. A personally turned ornament can be a family keepsake and heirloom.
Alan is not teaching globes and finials, which of course are beautiful, but we all know how to do that.
Alan will be demonstrating how to create a turned Christmas angel. This is a simple project that will delight all recipients and is a real pleasure to produce.
Time should also permit Alan to demonstrate how to turn a snowman and a base for ornaments.

There may be time to demonstrate how to turn a Christmas tree, by a surprise presenter.

I’m sure we’ll have an informative and fun meeting at Alan’s presentation, so don’t be late, the meeting starts at 6PM Monday- October 12, 2015 at the Santa Fe High School Woodworking Shop.

“Show & Tell” please bring at least one “good” piece to brag about, and one “mistake/bad” piece to explain or ask what went wrong.

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