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I am a fellow woodturner and the new publisher of More Woodturning Magazine. I’m writing to let you know about an exciting new program we have developed for woodturning clubs, and to suggest a couple of ways you can let your membership know about us. As you may know, I have recently redesigned the web site and have created a new format for the magazine which can be read online, printed, or downloaded as a PDF. The magazine is now heavily tutorial and article-based and includes news, product reviews, turner profiles, new products and more.

If your club has a newsletter, I think you will like this new program. Having worked on my local club’s newsletter, I know that finding relevant content on an ongoing basis can sometimes be a challenge! To help you with this, we will send you a list of upcoming woodturning events and one woodturning article every month that you can choose to use (or not) in your publication at no cost. In return, you will indicate that the content came from us and include the magazine’s website address at the end of the article/event listing. We will also ask that you include a link to us on your club web site. If you would like to add your club to others who have already joined this program, just click on this link:

If you’d like to learn more about the magazine, please visit our website and view a sample issue:

I hope our newsletter program will be useful to you. I am also hoping that you will help us spread the word about this new woodturning magazine.


Dennis Daudelin, Publisher More Woodturning Magazine

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