The Enchanted WoodTrurners of Santa Fe NM

2-8-2016 Meeting – Design!

Rule of Thirds Calculator

A reference spreadsheet already calculated for you to use

determining the Rule of Thirds!

hollow form calcRule of Thirds Calculator

Many thanks to John Cobb, treenshop.com for his presentation on the Golden Mean and how his excellently crafted boxes follow these guidelines!

From his information chocked website – take a look at these additional ratios to help you improve your proportions and turnings pleasing looks!   TreetornShop  Articles

The presentations  on the Golden Mean and on the Rule ofhoughts may be viewed as PowerPoints with the links:

The Golden MeanTew PPT final  lPresented by John Cobb

Tew PPT final presented by Kathy Knorr – the Rule of Thirds and other Balancing Proportions acts plus a look at Women In Turning.

  AL Mirman and his 630 Segmented Pieces!SFCC162011 Aug - SWAT IG 0703 (2)



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