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Turners without borders – Honduras

AAW Needs a Volunteer with a Sense of Adventure

Through the Turners Without Borders program, AAW has partnered with a nonprofit, GreenWood, to help teach woodturning to artisans in a remote area of Honduras. We need a volunteer who can travel to Honduras for 12 days in late May to help train artisans, who will use their new skills to turn mallets that they will sell to the world market. Because electricity is spotty at best, the crew will use the human-powered lathe featured in a recent issue of American Woodturner. The volunteer will help assemble the lathe and use it to teach the basics of spindle and faceplate turning.

This is a major project for the AAW. We hope to use it as a model for similar, future ventures to spread woodturning knowledge worldwide. The ideal volunteer will have experience as a woodturning teacher or demonstrator. Knowledge of the Spanish language is important, as is a sense of adventure. All the volunteer’s travel expenses will be covered, and GreenWood will pay for all meals, lodging, and transportation in Honduras.

This is a priority. We hope that one of your chapter’s members will want to be part of this unique experience. Please email Phil McDonald or call the AAW Home Office 651-484-9094 as soon as possible (not later than April 1) if you know someone who is eager to travel and teach.

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