The Enchanted WoodTrurners of Santa Fe NM

Join the On-line World!

social media and turning

Websites are important if you want to sell your items.  And how do you promote your wonderful work through a website?  Contacts.  What are those and how do they relate to customers?

Consider your website the static brochure.  And on Facebook you have a page dedicated to woodturning.  Not travel, grandkids, etc….  The first thing to do is create the page.  Then go looking for like minded individuals… i.e. turners!

Here is an example of WHY and HOW this can work for you!!  There are over 10 woodturning groups on Facebook with no fewer than 200 members of a “private group”. so no political stuff, nothing but wood turning.  And on many not only do you post your wares, and pictures and prices — These get shared with all the friends of the turner who is in the group –

A picture sez a thousand words:

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