The Enchanted WoodTrurners of Santa Fe NM

February 2017 TEW Meeting

Santa Fe Woodturners
February 2017 Pendant Turning Workshop Notes
Alan & Lauren Zenreich

Eccentric Jewelry Turning – Making Pendants Why hide your turnings on a shelf? Turned jewelry is displayed proudly to many, many people. Pendants are a pleasure to wear, and to create.

Alan and Lauren Zenreich show the tools, techniques and procedures used to make their wood turned jewelry. They will be demonstrating from their shop and studio in New Jersey, via a live, interactive video connections, so you can see and hear them and they can see and hear the club members.

Topics include:   Layout and preparing of blanks for turning

  • Affixing work to an indexable offset backing plate using turner’s tape
  • Multi axis positioning to facilitate boring holes and scribing lines
  • Turning the pendants, cutting arcs and beads, smoothing adjoining eccentric surfaces, cutting beads and preparing the work for finishing
  • Using the turnings as a canvas by incorporating semi-precious stones and beads, pyrography, archival inks and other embellishments in the pendants and necklaces.
  • Assembly techniques for inserting pins and jewelry findings

Monday – 6PM – February 13, 2017   Enchanted Woodturners Meeting

We will meet at Santa Fe High School Woodworking Shop, see driving & parking diagram attached, and look at the high school’s location on Google Satellite to view this live from their studio presentation!




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