The Enchanted WoodTrurners of Santa Fe NM

November 2017 Meeting – Photographing Turnings

On Tuesday, November 14 2017 chapter members Derek and Kathy will present a common sense how to take photos of your wood turnings.

Many of us take a picture of each piece as a memory or for tax reasons.  Others want to have a professional looking photograph for their website, brochure and business cards.

We all take fun photos, a bowl picture taken with all the shavings surrounding the bowl, or an outdoor picture of a rough hune turning.

example of discussion and active particpation demonstration:

When are each type of photo an option – and how to take great photos with your camera and with your cellphone’s camera.  Below are examples from each presentation.  Click the links to open and save the full listing!

Simplified Woodturning Photography- Derekderek tips

We will cover some technical info (Derek!) and a walk through on your phone of how to take the photos, suggested backgrounds, and then to adjust, crop and share these photos from your phone.

The handout from Derek is Simplified Wood Turning Photography – Nov 2017  Simplified Woodturning Photography- Derek

The handout by Kathy is Smart Phone Photography Quick Reference Fall-2017



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