The Enchanted WoodTrurners of Santa Fe NM

Portland 2018 Symposium


Rotations and Events

The revelry continues Friday through Sunday, June 15-17, with a broad selection of educational demonstrations and panel discussions that will appeal to a wide variety of skill levels and interest areas—bowls, boxes, vessels, hollow forms, spheres, spindle turning, multiaxis turning, segmented turning, natural-edge turning, ornamental turning, jewelry, finishing techniques, surface design, texture and embellishment, and more.



·        Keith Gotschall

·        Kip Christensen

·        Eric Lofstrom

·        Ed Pretty

·        Rick Rich

Segmenting Techniques

·        Tom Lohman

·        Wayne Miller

Ornamental Turning

·        Jon Magill

Penturning Tips and Techniques

·        Mark Dreyer

·        Ray Wright

Vessels and Hollow Forms

·        Dan Tilden

·        Stephen Hatcher

·        Cindy Drozda

·        Marilyn Campbell

·        Karen Freitas

Embellishing and Finishing

·        Lauren Zenreich

·        Hans Weissflog

·        Mike Peace

·        Donna Zils Banfield

·        Eli Avisera

·        Jay Shepard

·        Graeme Priddle

·        Stephen Hatcher

Boxes and Lids

·        Al Stirt

·        Guilio Marcolongo

·        Kai Muenzer

·        Cindy Drozda

·        Mark Baker

Sculpture and Inspiration

·        Jeff Chelf

·        Kristin LeVier

Turning for Furniture

·        Kai Muenzer

·        Rick Rich


Symposium Facility

  • Oregon Convention Center, 777 NE Martin Luther King, Jr. Blvd, Portland, OR 97232



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