The Enchanted WoodTrurners of Santa Fe NM

Pen blanks, kits, mandrels and sanding!

Delancy Street summary 

 Please consider donating pen blanks, kits and mandrels and sanding materials for a worthwhile project with the not for profit Delancey Street Foundation in Espanola.  A 1/2 day donation of your time to visit with the Foundation and the wood shop would be lovely, and to show them how pens are made and assembled.  
   While visiting the “Ranch” as it is called, you can see the wood working shop, turning, upholstery, car repair and event space and gardens the residents support.  They also have a moving company and rescue horses that the residents care for and train. And of course the annual Christmas Tree lots around the state.  
To  learn more about the Foundation please visit Delancey Street Foundation, 
http://www.delanceystreetfoundation.org and take a look at this wonderful treatment center.  
The Delancey Street Foundation New Mexico facility is located in the heart of the San Juan Pueblo (reservation). Purchased in 1976, it’s a 17-acre ranch set in the historically rich Espanola Valley between Santa Fe and Taos. The ranch is Delancey’s only rural home. Adobe buildings surround courtyards with hanging wisteria vines, authentic vegas in the ceilings, and a small “swan lake” surrounded by weeping willows and rose gardens. The beautiful property along with the original sculptures donated by R.C. Gorman and blooming rose gardens help make our ranch a magnificent venue for Delancey Catering. Catering is one of the key vocational skills taught here, along with culinary arts, retail sales, accounting, bookkeeping, hand-crafted furniture, ceramics, terrariums and sand paintings, moving and trucking, construction and property management. The rural nature allows us to include waste water management, live stock department, and a more sophisticated landscaping in our vocational training programs. In addition to renovating the numerous existing adobe structures on the property, residents also built a 38,000 square foot warehouse including offices and shops in the same Santa Fe style as the residential buildings as well as several more dorm buildings

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