The Enchanted WoodTrurners of Santa Fe NM

J Paul Fennell Workshops 10-08-2018


To finalize our plans, we need 2 or 3 people  to sign up for each of the workshops, Please email David W with your preferences!

1.  The Hollow Turning and the Embellishments Techniques. The Hollow turning may be just a ½  day workshop.

  •     How subtle changes can make or break a good form
  •     Hollowing tools and how to use them
  •     Thickness calipers including fiber optic light for gauging wall thickness
  •     Finishing techniques with minimum sanding
  •     Completing the bottom using a homemade jam chuck

2.  The Embellishment Techniques workshop will be a full day workshop 

  •   Creating/transferring designs on a 3-dimensional surface
  •     Creative use of indexing wheel
  •     Carving in relief
  •     Piercing methods

General Information:

For the turning workshop J Paul will bring  some wood, but you also need to bring your own wood.  Final figures will depend on the number of participants.

If you want to do embellishment techniques you are encouraged to bring your own micro motors & hand tools.

J Paul will bring 3 micro motors and hand tools, BUT he wants you to bring what micro motors and tools you have for him to see.  So bring the bad, the not so bad, the good, the better and the best, so he can talk about the tools with you.

The cost for a day workshop will be about $ 107 to $125 …  (we Pay J Paul $750 a day, so 7 participants = $107 & 6 participants = $125.  And a ½ day workshop will be half that amount.

If you have any questions about either of the classes or about the equipment or tools,

J Paul wants you to call him and discuss it with him.

You may contact J Paul  with any questions at:


cell: 602-499-7998   home: 480- 488-7924

Look at his web site to see what he does and the tools he uses:  http://www.jpaulfennell.com/SiteMap.html



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