The Enchanted WoodTrurners of Santa Fe NM

2019 February Meeting

Monday- 6PM- February 11, 2019  Enchanted Woodturners Meeting

We will meet at ECO Woodworking Shop, see driving & parking diagram attached, or look at the ECO location on Google Satellite to see it better.

Subject:  Hollowing a Simple Form Presenter:  Alan Becker

Alan will demonstrate how to Hollow a Simple Form.  For anyone who has ever been intimidated to try to turn or even has tried  to turn a hollow form, Alan will remove the all of the mystique and simplify the process for you. All of the turning will be done without the use of a capture device or any kind of jig.    Alan will demonstrate how hand tools are used to carve out the inside of a hollow form, by using only one hand-held tool at a time.  He will start with an open form (sometimes called a bowl) so that tool movement and application of the cutting edge can be seen.  Like a magician, he will then proceed to demonstrate a more closed form where the tool application absolutely cannot be seen.   A prize will be given to anyone who can tell us what’s inside the tall black stovepipe hat covered with a white napkin.

Alan will also discuss the evolution of turning tools used to make hollow forms.

For more information on what Alan will be doing, check Woodturning FUNdamentals,  November 2018 issue at the AAW website, www.woodturner.org

   At the AAW web site Click on:


   Woodturning Fundamentals Learning Port

   WF Publication

   Past issues and special editions (in light blue in the center of the screen)

   2018 Nov issue

   Scroll half way down the issue to “Hollowing a Simple Form”

The Enchanted Woodturners have  purchased a very large container of Anchor Seal for our members to buy.  If you would like to buy a gallon, then bring your container to the meeting Monday, and we will pump your container full of Anchor Seal.  It costs $12 a gallon.

ALSO, please bring a check or cash to pay your 2019 TEW dues to our Treasurer, Dean Johnson.

Show & Tell” please bring at least one “good” piece to brag about, and one “mistake/bad” piece to explain or ask what went wrong.

We will all have a wonderful time, so don’t be late and come early to visit with friends.

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