The Enchanted WoodTrurners of Santa Fe NM

Shelby House Santa Fe 4-8-2019 Meeting Update!

An addition to Monday’s Meeting.

Liz Rees & Jan Butchofsky, owners of Shelby House, want to tell us about an opportunity to sell your work, and they would like to see some of your work in Show & Tell.

Please read their email below about Shelby House and their proposals to sell your work & our students’ work

It was a pleasure to meet with you both this Thursday at Shelby House.  We are glad that Bob Seigel put us all together and we are excited to learn more about your woodturners group. We also look forward to your Monday, April 8 meeting.  

As a follow-up to yesterday’s meeting, and to aid you in learning a bit more about us, please visit our website at www.shelbyhousesf.com.  Click through the “Happenings” tab and you can see what we are doing both with markets and trunk shows.  The Gallery / Event Space is on one side of Shelby House, and the other half is home to our retail shop, Spirited Goods.

As we discussed there are two options that we could offer to your group.  

THE FIRST OPTION would be joining in our Shelby House Artisan Market July 12-14 (same weekend as the International Folk Art Market).  This is still in the planning stages so it’s not yet up on our site.

We received a really nice write-up in the Santa Fe New Mexican for our February market.  The write-up mainly featured the vendors—and that’s just how we like it.  https://www.santafenewmexican.com/news/local_news/santa-fe-s-newest-holiday-market-offers-familiar-unexpected/article_38c9390c-40ab-5190-ab0a-2197e0ac9577.html

The July Artisan Market would be open from 11am to 7pm each day (probably slightly shorter hours on Sunday).  Usually the first or second evening, we include a “sip & shop” reception from 5-7pm which is open to the public.  We offer non-alcoholic drinks, usually featuring a local purveyor of bitters, beverages or food.  The woodturners could take one or two tables and join up to six other vendor / artisans in other categories.

We usually charge per table (30” x 70”) and it’s typically a friendly price to bring in emerging artisans.  We have tables and chairs, wifi, parking, and other amenities which are included in the daily rate.  You can find a list of amenities here: https://www.shelbyhousesf.com/booking-info

THE SECOND OPTION is a group pop-up in the Shelby House event space of all woodturners, perhaps coupled with a fabric artist to hang textiles on walls and accent your wood pieces. Basically, this would follow pretty much the same format as the first option, but it would be your own show.  The main difference would be how many of you might like to participate.  I’m sure there’s quite a variety of work within your group and this would allow more of you to be at the pop-up and exhibit more pieces of each type.

The dates currently available for a Wood Turners group show would be June 20-23, or June 27-30.  

The pricing would be similar to our regular market table pricing, only the turners would be taking six to eight tables, not just two.  There could be one or two turners per table.

We promote our events to our email list (over 1000 names), on social media and through PR; print, online and radio.  It’s also very important that you share your participation with your followers and friends.

We are looking forward to visiting your group this Monday evening.  We will be happy to answer any questions.  In addition, Shelby House is open Monday through Saturday from 10am to 6pm, so group members are welcome to come in and see the space.  If you’d like to meet with one or both of us, please contact us in advance to make sure we are there and to set up a time.  (Please remember there is parking behind Shelby House.  The driveway is next to our neighbor at 222 Shelby.  Stay to the right for our lot.)

Thanks and all the best!

Jan & Liz

Jan Butchofsky

Director of Events


Liz Rees



Shelby House

220 Shelby Street

Santa Fe, NM 87501

T: 505-216-0836




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