The Enchanted WoodTrurners of Santa Fe NM

August 2019 Square Bowls and Milk Paint


Monday- 6PM- August 13, 2018  Enchanted Woodturners Meeting

We will meet at Santa Fe High School Woodworking Shop, see driving & parking diagram attached, and look at the high school’s location on Google Satellite to see it better. 

Subject:  Making a square bowl with a textured rim and finished with milk paint. 

Presenter:  Stephen (Steve) LeGrue

Steve will start with a square piece of  6” x 6” x 8/4 maple and turn a square bowl with a thin, wide rim. He will discuss considerations of mounting and turning wood that will end up being 90% turned air.  Then Steve will mount the piece in the Talon chuck and finish the top. He will use a Micro-Pro Mastercarver to show several textures that can be added to the rim. Finally Steve will demonstrate how milk paint can add visual interest to the piece.

ATTACHED DOCUMENTS on the Guilding Process:

LeGrue Marks Gilding Chem patination handout (1)
LeGrue Marks Gilding Chem patination handout

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