The Enchanted WoodTrurners of Santa Fe NM

November Guest: Sally Ault

Monday- 6PM- November 11, 2019  Enchanted Woodturners Meeting

We will meet at ECO Woodworking Shop, see driving & parking diagram attached, and look at the high school’s location on Google Satellite to see it better. 

Subject:  Design – Are all your curves in the right places?  With Sally Ault

Sally will talk about how to create a form that is pleasing to the eye. She will discuss some tricks to getting to the right form and talk about negative space, proportion, balance and how to bring your work to the next level. If there is time, Sally may critique some of your pieces that you bring that you know are ’not right’.   And maybe even turn a weed pot for us.

Don’t know Sally?  Many years ago Sally graduated from San Diego State with a BFA in Art with an emphasis on craft.  In those early years she was focused on weaving, ceramics and jewelry…but was introduced to turning in a furniture class.  The real world got in her way for many years, but in 2001 she finally had enough time to herself to be able to get back to her art.  She always loved wood and decided that is what she wanted to do, so she took a 2 day introductory turning class and … (can you believe it) she was hooked.  Her husband, Barry, was extremely supportive of her new addiction and encouraged her to buy tools and kept bringing home wood he found on the curb. She lives near the water in San Diego and has sailed all her life.  Barry, who died in 2014, was a big time surfer and windsurfer and they spent many days camped at a windsurfing spot way south in Baja and Sally always took her mini-lathe and a generator!  It’s where she found the black Mexican fan coral on the beach which has become a signature for her.  Sally has a beautiful daughter Jessica, a wonderful son-in-law Steve, and the most amazing grandson ever Colin, and they only live about 20 minutes from her.  They are also very supportive of her turning, although they think she needs a 12-step program for woodaholics.

One of Sally’s passions is working with her club’s program called “Turn around for Vets”.  Ten years ago club members started teaching woodturning to some of our wounded warriors as part of their rehabilitation therapy.  It turns out that the focus of turning is very healing and builds the confidence that these veterans who have been through hell need.  Sally is at Balboa Naval Medical Center almost every Wednesday and it is really wonderful to see what turning does for those who have defended our country.

In her working life Sally was a sales rep for a major appliance manufacturer.  It turns out that selling and teaching are pretty much the same thing, so she is very comfortable in the direction her life is taking as she teaches woodturning more and more.  A friend and Sally share the VP of programs position for the San Diego Woodturners chapter, and Sally will often assist the demonstrator who does a workshop…which is a real treat because each time she gets to learn new things and can see how other turners teach.


See some of Sally’s new work attached. The Buggy vase form was accepted into the AAW Traces exhibit and the Koa fencepost bowl was accepted into the AAW continuum exhibit at the AAW Raleigh symposium.

Sally’s website is:   http://www.sallyault.com/


Show & Tell” please bring at least one “good” piece to brag about, and one “mistake/bad” piece to explain or ask what went wrong

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