The Enchanted WoodTrurners of Santa Fe NM

2020 Feb Meeting | Burls!

Monday- 6PM- February 10, 2020   Enchanted Woodturners Meeting

We will meet at ECO Woodworking Shop, see driving & parking view the directions information and/or google earth

BURLS, From Tree To Vessel
Presenters:  Taz Bramlette & Bob Seigel, a collaboration

After they got the burls to Taz’s woodshop, Bob & Taz collaborated to make a Large Beautiful Vessel for this Demonstration.  The anyone who has done a collaborative piece knows how the conversation goes:

Bob:  I think we should take a little off around the rim.  Taz: I agree

Taz:  Wouldn’t it look better if we had a little more curve at the bottom.  Taz:  Absolutely.

Bob:  Now it looks like there is a straight line in the middle of the vessel.  Taz:  We can just take a little off at the top of that line to make it flow.

Taz:  The top looks a little awkward with that sharp curve just below the rim now.  Taz:  We can just smooth the whole profile to make it all flow.

Bob:  I think we should smooth it out again to eliminate the hollow spot that showed up in the lower half of the vessel.  Taz:  That hollow spot is distracting and needs to go.


After several more refinements,  Taz & Bob were finally happy with their demonstration vessel.

We all know how large that burl was when it started out.  So after all of their suggestions and refinements, how large is the final vessel?  A cereal bowl or a teacup?  From the size of half of a blue shipping trunk, to the size of an engagement ring box?

Taz & Bob’s collaboration may have be fun, but what and how big a vessel did it produce?

the standing tree

Bob & Taz will outline, discuss and demonstrate the various steps that are involved in going from the initial standing tree with Burls to the finished vessel.  This presentation will include slides, videos and actual turning.  Both Bob & Taz will participate in the presentation.  They will emphasize burl preparation, mounting, shaping and coring.

burl to vessels

can i keep it mom

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