The Enchanted WoodTrurners of Santa Fe NM

County Fair! August 2020

The Santa Fe County Fair is the first week of August 2020.

There will be an indoor exhibition & exhibit of woodturnings. 

There are 10 categories to enter your work in the exhibit: open form bowls, segmented forms, miniatures,  pens stoppers & toys, boxes & lidded vessels, sculptural forms, natural edge bowls, other bowls, embellished forms, & miscellaneous.

And of course there will be a Best of Show chosen.  (Last year Ted Berridge won it)

Ribbons and awards will be given in each category.

So start turning. 

Your work will be judged on the following elements:  


Design: (0-20 points) Creativity, balance, uniqueness, imagination, material selection, use of grain, general appeal, etc.
Difficulty: (0-30 points) Tool use, multiple shapes, hollowing, difficult grain, multiple wood types, etc.
Workmanship: (0-30 points) Transition in shape, flow, flat spots, surface flaws, tear out, texture, tool or sanding marks, etc.


Finish: (0-20 points) Color, consistency, stains, smoothness, compliment grain and/or design.
TOTAL SCORE: (Total possible points = 100)

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