The Enchanted WoodTrurners of Santa Fe NM

March 8 2020 – Ted on Board Bowls!

TEW Meeting  6 PM  Monday March 8, 2020, ECO Wood Shop

SUBJECT:  “Bowl from a Board” or an “Economy Bowl”

PRESENTER: Ted Berridge

The program in Ted’s own words:  I have now been turning for about six years and have recently been intrigued by a design that I came across popularized or best done by a turner named Michael Mode.  The general technique he uses is crudely called a “Bowl from a Board” or an “Economy Bowl” both of which don’t start to justice to Michael’s turned wood art.  I see his designs as beautiful and as I have dissected his technique from his photos I have come to admire his ability and creativity more and more.  But one thing is true and that is that the more of these I make the more possibilities of design and wood combinations come to mind.  As you can tell from the number of bowls/vessels that I have made in the last couple of months this design and technique has captivated my interest and imagination.  Some have worked and some have not, but each has schooled me along the way and some of those lessons were painful.  

My plan is to go through the choices or constraints in designing a bowl or a tall vase or even an urn and the steps I use to turn a laminated board into a bowl which I respectfully call a laminated bowl.  Most importantly I will show you what not to do including a video of a big mistake that may work out in the end.  You can be the judge.  The bottom line is that I am always finding new ways to screw up the process and, as you will see, I haven’t stopped making the same mistake twice, but at least I do know of one way to make one successfully.  And that is what I want to show you on Monday.  See you then.

See photos of Ted’s work below.

Show and Tell:  Bring one good piece to brag about, and one “bad” piece to find out what went wrong and how to fix it.

Come early and talk with friends.

Taz Bramlette

TEW President

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