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 Hello again from NCWood.biz, The last couple of weeks have been filled with talk about Covid-19, I trust everyone is staying in as much as possible and washing your hands often.  All sporting events and schools are closed, many people (those that can) are working from home. Not to make light of the issue but spending time in front of a lathe could be one of the safest places to be, you can enjoy your time and make something you will be proud of showing off. As promised for this week we have an old favorite. The newsletter we ran in December wiped out just about everything we had, and when I found these logs I had to buy them.  Some of the best Ambrosia Maple I have seen in nearly a year. We were able to cut some large bowl blanks. Most of the piece were big enough to get 10″ x 10″ blanks, so while we had pieces that were this large we took advantage of it. We cut most of the 3″ cants into Peppermills blanks, because we cannot keep these on the shelves. There are a several 8″ x 8″ x 3″ bowl blanks, and too many 2″ x 2″ x 12″ pieces to count.  If someone needs 10 or more 2″ x 2″ x 12″ e-mail me fora great discount.  These can be great for Cutting Boards, and we have a large supply.  I also have some 2″ stock we can cut into custom lengths. 

We have a few pieces of the Black Walnut remaining. Also, don’t forget all of the exotics.   

Click here for the Ambrosia Maple.
Click here for other domestic wood.
Click here for the exotic selections.
 I have been promised some Black Locust and Holly for he next trip to the mill, I will keep you updated.
Until next time,      
Thanks for doing business with us.


Joe & Family
1261 W. Carthage Rd.
 Lumberton NC, 28360
NCWood, 1261 W. Carthage Rd., Lumberton, NC 28360

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