The Enchanted WoodTrurners of Santa Fe NM

2021 AAW Symposium Virtual July 17 & 18

2021 AAW Virtual Symposium (woodturner.org)

Featured Demonstrations

Learn from some of the world’s best! Featured woodturning demonstrations will include a variety of fascinating topics that appeal to a wide range of skill levels. AAW’s handpicked roster of internationally known woodturning talent includes:

  • Nick Agar, Turning Platters with Decorated Rims
  • Stuart Batty, Bowl Turning: The 40/40 Grind
  • Dixie Biggs, Need Some Relief?
  • Trent Bosch, Sienna Series Hollow Forms
  • Bruce Campbell, Managing Green Wood
  • Pat Carroll, Square Box with Pewter Inserts
  • Nick Cook, You Light Up My Life Table Lamp
  • Rebecca DeGroot, Mini Aquifer: A Wood/Resin Hybrid Droplet
  • Mark Dreyer, Standing Out in the World of Pen Making
  • Art Liestman, Flame Texturing of Highly Figured Hardwoods
  • JoHannes Michelsen, Full-Size Wearable Wood Hat
  • Al Miotke, Segmented Vase Construction

Panels, Special Interest Sessions, and Live Vendor Demonstrations

Get motivated and informed by the Artist Showcase presentation, Professional Outreach Program (POP) panel discussions, Special Interest Topics, Women in Turning (WIT), Vendor Demos, and Nonprofit Zone.

See live 30-minute demonstrations from these incredible vendors:

  • Axminster Tools: Axminster Woodturning Chucks with Colwin Way
  • Easy Wood Tools: Hollowing Made Easy as 1, 2, 3 Featuring Carl Jacobson
  • Peke Safety: Staying Safe From Sawdust, Hard/Exotic Woods, Lacquer + Head & Eye Protection
  • Stockroom Supply: Bandsaw Blade Drift Myths

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