The Enchanted WoodTrurners of Santa Fe NM

WiT — Join Us!

What do WIT members enjoy

most about Turning!

Sharing and Learning!!

REGISTER for any and all of the WIT Presents series!! You must register, and will receive an email link. Did I say we share for F R E E iwith this link:


We have a local group of women in turning and invite you to join us!! What we offer is access to the AAW site and wonderful monthly magazine, and a group of engaged and enthused turners!

Here in New Mexico we want to start meeting – maybe a zoom coffee hour and introductions and ideas of how we can be supportive and improve our turning! 

As we contemplate when we can meet in person let us get ahead of the game with starting to form a larger WiT group locally.

Join us for a ZOOM WIT INTRO on Friday July 9 2021 at 9:30am.  Contact Kathy Knorr at kathyknorrsf@gmail.com for the link!

Are you on Facebook?  Join the private group page Women in Turning Women in Turning | Facebook to get a feeling of the ideas, support, and work of 1,700-member group! AAW membership is not required.

ALSO – join the AAW with a guest membership so you can see what else WiT and AAW

Guest Membership (woodturner.org)

Women in Turning ( WiT) — The American Association of Woodturners (AAW) strives to deliver the publications and services that our members need to grow, connect, explore, and thrive in the areas of woodturning that are important to them. With nearly 16,000+  members and 360+ chapters internationally, AAW’s many resources, including our award-winning American Woodturner journal, help our members to learn, create, and connect.

By signing up for a complimentary Guest membership, you can have access to  AAW resources for a full 60 days. You will be able to explore what the AAW has to offer, kick our tires, and hopefully decide to become a full-fledged, paid AAW member to benefit from everything the AAW has to offer. Thanks all!!   Contact me with any questions!!  Kathy — 

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