The Enchanted WoodTrurners of Santa Fe NM

TEW Meeting February 15, 2022 6PM Zoom

Date moved to Tuesday Feburary 15 to accomodate Cupid!

Jigs and Gagets – BYO ideas!

Presented by TEW Club Members on Zoom – Visitors | email sfturners.org to request a visitor passs

Subjects:  1.   Tips, Tricks, Jigs and Fixtures

                   2.  Solving Your Turning Problems  

Presenters:  Our Members  The February TEW meeting will be member led, with two parts. 

The first part of the program is all about Tips, Tricks, Jigs, Fixtures.  All of us have a few special jigs or gadgets that help make some part of our turning process easier, faster or safer.  The Jigs, Fixtures and Tips may be simple or complex, but they help solve an important or annoying problem in an original way.  It may be something that you invented, improved, seen on YouTube or the AAW web site, or learned from an outside source that many of us have not seen.  We encourage you to pick two or three of these clever solutions and present them to the rest of us.  There is so much knowledge and experience in our group, so we will all come away with several new and useful ideas.  


  1. You can just tell us at the ZOOM meeting  what your tip, trick jig or fixture is, or
  2. You can just show us at the ZOOM meeting  what your tip, trick jig or fixture is

 by holding it up in front of your camera or

  1. You can just email Kathy any photos, videos, or documents that you want Kathy to present at the ZOOM meeting:  kathyknorrsf@gmail.com

VISITORS: Please email sfturners@gmail.com for the link to our meeting! We welcome all with an interest in woodturning!

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