The Enchanted WoodTrurners of Santa Fe NM

TEW in the AAW American Woodturner Magazine! October 2022 vol 37

Dennis Belcher demonstrated for TEW how to build a vase from a board via a Chapter meeting earlier this year. Chapter members turned out to view the IRD and have discussions with Dennis. Earlier — During our planning conversations, Dennis suggested we do our own post-demo follow-up workshop without him, using club mentors for onsite support. This idea of mixing an IRD hybrid meeting with a follow up workshop was new to us, and we embraced the challenge very successfully!

Club Officers and Mentors made a few examples of this fun project – and invited all members to a workshop to create our own Vase from a board!! Fun and beautiful vases were made! Yes, we needed to ask Dennis a few questions, which he happy to answer!

Here is the article from the October 2022 American Woodturner Magazine!

With the help of Derek managing all the camera work and turning a terrific vase our IRD was flawless! — Combined with member participation and Chapter Leadership’s enthusiasm we dove in. All the member participants agree — it was a win-win to enjoy this new format.

Let us know how you like the idea, and what projects you would benefit from the IRD and a follow up workshop!!

Thanks —- Kathy Knorr, TEW President

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