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2021 January 11-Meeting – 6PM

This meeting will be recorded via a live zoom demonstration. Please watch your TEW email for the zoom link and passcode. Contact sfturners@gmail.com for any questions or assistance.

We all know Al Mirman! He is a member of both the TEW and the NMWT clubs, a frequent demonstrator and was a turning teacher at SFCC for y e a r s. Here is a Summary of the Presentation!

And his demo is about the CNC machine, you would enjoy watching this youtube link to learn a smattering of how and what a CNC machine works!


This presentation will cover some of the simple basics of CNC (computer numeric control) utilizing a router.  The machine used for the demonstration was built by myself and took about 4 months to construct.  The design was obtained from Woodsmith magazine contained in 2 editions and included approx. 40 pages of instructions.  I will do a walkaround of the machine (3 axis X,Y,Z)and talk about all the main components – motors, lead screws, bearings, aluminum angle, backlash nuts, electronic components, etc.  I will discuss various router bits used in milling operations such as endmills, carving , surfacing bits, etc.  The presentation will include discussion of CAD/CAM.  Examples of the CAD (computer aided design) software called Vectric and CAM (computer aided machinery) software called Mach 3.  Toolpath examples will be run on the machine showing Vcarve examples of a box top, numerals to a clock, drilling and cut out paths.  Finally there will be a discussion of a 4th or rotary axis and its relationship to Woodturning.

Al’s Bio:
In my first semester at SFCC in 2000 I would bring in my segmented woodturnings work which I had been doing for about 3 years. I was amazed and honored to be asked and after much hesitancy, out of fear whether I could successfully teach at SFCC, I said “yes.” And so began a relationship with teaching students for 17 years that covered more than 70000 hours of contact time covering classes for Beginning, Advanced and Studio Woodturning.

I was also Director of Energy for a number of years especially when energy conservation became relevant and I also obtained 5 patents in the field of microwave technology related to food processing. I worked in the Food Industry on products such as Jell-O, Minute pasta, coffee products, Instant teas, frozen foods, Twinkies, Wonder Bread, pet foods and myriad of others.

During my time at Stuyvesant I auditioned for the All City High School Orchestra and was accepted to play in the 1st violin section. So, my claim to fame as a violinist was playing on stage at Carnegie Hall at a yearly concert for two consecutive years. I attended City College of New York and graduated with a BS in Chemical Engineering followed by attendance at New York University where I obtained a MS in Chemical Engineering and an MBA.

During time working at the ballpark I got to meet and play ball before the game with the likes of Mickey Mantle, Whitey Ford and spoke to many personalities like Mel Allen, Red Barber, Leo Durocher.

I was an active boy (inspired by my mother mostly) engaged in my public and religious schooling, practicing and playing violin, studying and playing baseball, basketball and golf.

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