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Delancey Street – May 5, 2019

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Our TEW Club has been invited to the Delancey Street Foundation for a Cinco de Mayo celebration! Enjoy food, tours and the learn about this fine drug/alcohol/crime organization. Delancey Street has a 95% SUCCESS rate with their program. NM-94, Ohkay Owingeh, NM 87566

Delancey Street Foundation maintains Residential Education Communities for people who have hit bottom and who are disenfranchised. Our residential population represents the most challenging constituency of people in generational poverty with multiple social problems.

Our residential population ranges in age from 18 to 68. Approximately 20% are women. All racial and ethnic groups are represented with about one-third being African-American, one-third Hispanic and Native American and one-third Anglo. The average resident has been a hard core substance abuser for over 18 years, abusing alcohol and multiple drugs such has heroin, methamphetamine, and cocaine in all of its forms. The average resident is illiterate, completely unskilled, and has never held even an unskilled job for as long as six months so they are completely without work habits. The average resident has been trapped in poverty for many generations, is at least a second generation (2.6) gang member, substance abuser, felon. The average resident has been institutionalized at least four times and has been homeless for at least six months. Virtually all (over 95%) have been victims of physical, emotional, and/or sexual abuse.

Statistics can never capture what a life is like and aggregate data can depersonalize the horror of the lives our constituents lead. The biggest issue they face is one that cannot be captured by any of the data. It is the incredible sense of despair that comes from repeated failure and hopelessness. Indeed it leads to a devastating poverty of spirit, values, and belief.

Delancey Street learns three marketable skills by working in Delancey Street training schools. These include one manual, one clerical/computer and one interpersonal/sales skill. For most residents who have never held a job in their lives, this is as challenging as it is rewarding. The vocational training schools are managed and taught by residents themselves (some are accredited by the State, and the residents themselves are the accredited teachers). Some of the training schools generate the funding that supports Delancey Street’s activities. Current vocational programs include:

  • Accounting and bookkeeping
  • Advertising specialty sales
  • Automotive, mechanical, repair and painting
  • Catering, event and wedding planning
  • Christmas tree sales and commercial decorating
  • Coffee house, art gallery and bookstore
  • Construction and property management
  • Digital printing and banners, silk screen and framing
  • Film screening and projection
  • Handcrafted wood terrariums, ironworks, and furniture
  • Moving and trucking
  • Paratransit and limousine transportation services for businesses as well as for those who are disabled who cannot use public transportation
  • Restaurant
  • Upholstry/Sewing
  • Warehousing

Numerous of these training schools have been voted “best” in their areas! 4) Delancey Street’s focus is value based with a strong traditional family value system stressing the work ethic, mutual restitution, social and personal accountability and responsibility, decency and integrity. Most important, the approach stresses the fact that the people who are the problem can become the solution by caring for one another. This pro bono publico approach is central and critical to our model. In line with this, our residents not only volunteer to teach and work with one another, they also volunteer in the community helping others that are less fortunate through a series of service programs for the elderly, handicapped, at-risk youths, among others.


Submit work to this Gallery!

The Parkside Gallery of Woodworking 127 WR yus Ave La Veta, CO 81055

Michael Hoffer   ==  == 505-603-5125

Fine Furniture — Sculpture – Boxes, Wood Turnings – Carvings – Musical Instruments and Accessories!!

As many of you know, I have moved to the town of La Veta CO, which is located three hours north of Santa Fe and three hours south of Denver. It is a small community of 850 people with a vibrant arts scene. Denver Life magazine will be publishing an article about the town’s galleries and art classes sometime this spring. I am currently living in an apartment above a vacant gallery and, to make a long story short, I have the opportunity to rent the downstairs as a gallery and workspace.

 As noted in the list above, I am currently looking for work to display in the gallery that I plan to open May 1, 2019. I am trying to gauge the interest faculty and students from SFCC might have in showing their work in the gallery. I am also in touch with the folks at Red Rocks Community College in Denver, where our former student Sean Gillespie is now on the faculty. My intent is to promote the work of the faculty and students of these two community colleges, plus my own work.

I am proposing a 70% (artist)/30% (gallery) share in sales. Any commissions the artist might receive from having their work and portfolio in the gallery would be a 90% /10% split. I encourage everyone who wants to participate to supply a portfolio and web site information so that I can more easily promote your work.

Obviously the gallery will need to show more than high ticket items like furniture and sculpture. Boxes, wood turnings (bowls, vessels, and especially pens), cutting boards, earrings (Aviva?), and accessories made of wood will all be welcomed.

Sculptures can be mixed media as long as there is a wood component.               Samples of carvings displayed in the gallery might lead to larger commissions like entry doors. I am in touch with a local luthier and the luthier program at Red Rocks, so musical instruments are also welcomed.

 Please let know of any interest you might have in participating in the gallery. Feel free to call me at 505-603-5125 with any questions. What I really would like from you is an email that says “Yes I am interested, and here’s what I might have by late April.” Include a brief description or photo, even if your project is still in process. This information would help me a great deal with the planning of the gallery space. I would make a trip to Santa Fe in the latter half of April to pick up pieces for transport to La Veta. Of course everything will be insured. And a website and Facebook page is in the works too.

Michael Hoffer


This small, laid-back town at the base of the majestic Spanish Peaks is located along the Scenic Highway of Legends. La Veta, the vein, served as a vital lifeline a century ago; the town was originally a busy trading center, supplying the nearby area with goods. It is now home to a diverse population of artists and ranchers

2019 March – Jim Relyea

Monday- 6PM- March 11, 2019  Enchanted Woodturners Meeting

We will meet at ECO Woodworking Shop, look at the ECO location on Google Satellite to see it.

Subject:  Outboard Turning

Presenter:  Jim Relyea

WHAT is outboard turning, and how old is outboarding?

Some photos of the famous early outboards are below.

Jim will demonstrate outboard turning with the outboard turning stand.  Jim will begin by turning a thin edged square platter.  Anyone who wants to try to use the stand and do some outboard turning is encouraged to do so.   Doing it is how you learn outboarding.

If anyone has any questions about outboard turning or suggestions about what they would like Jim to demonstrate, please let him know what they are.  He is asking for input about what you want to see.   Please email requests to Taz & Jim:;

ALSO, please bring a check or cash to pay your 2019 TEW dues to our Treasurer, Dean Johnson. ($25 single, $30 family)

Show & Tell” please bring at least one “good” piece to brag about, and one “mistake/bad” piece to explain or ask what went wrong.

We will all have a wonderful time, so don’t be late and come early to visit with friends.

See you there,

Taz Bramlette


The Enchanted Woodturners

2019 Demo Scheduling

It is going to be a great year!! Take a look at this lineup! More demonstrtors will be added!

Januaryall memberstips, tricks, and fixtures
FebruaryAlan BeckerBasic hollowing
MarchJim RelyeaOutboard turning
AprilCharles HarrisonDesign
MayMichael Alguire

JuneHayley Smith andTodd HoyerJune 8-10 hands-on plus Monday evening


SeptemberDavid EllsworthHands-on 9/1, Monday evening 9/2 (early)

NovemberMichael Mocho

Decemberall membersAnnual Party

AAW Symposium July 11- 14 2019

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