The Enchanted WoodTrurners of Santa Fe NM

Don Wilson

I still have no Idea what I’m doing………..but the happy accidents are becoming more frequent!

Don Wilson

I got started about 4 yeas ago when several members of our club introduced me to turning and then have mentored me.  Until contact with the Enchanted Woodturners, I had never touched a lathe, and had no interest in learning. Now I am hooked, an absolute addict!  I have gone from a mild interest in a hobby, into a 60 hour a week obsession.

The greatest surprise is that I can do any of this at all. I have never had any interest in art and have never, ever displayed any talent for it.   I am still genuinely surprised when something comes off the lathe finished that I “did that”. At best I could have called myself a framing carpenter. I am now oddly considering considered calling myself an Artist. Well, maybe a budding artist……….

Don’t neglect the bottoms, I find you can really surprise people by putting as much effort on the bottom of a platter as you do on the top!

Visit Don’s Shop at CHOMP in Santa Fe, 550 Cerrillos Road – The primary focus of this shop is Kitchen tools

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