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WiT landing page: https://www.woodturner.org/Woodturner/Communities/Specialty-Programs/Women/Woodturner/WIT/WIT-Home-Page.aspx?hkey=7f6a65b2-ec98-472f-a7b6-2ac573f7258d

WiT — Check out these opportunities for July 2021 – December 2021! Participate and enjoy learning and being a part of this great Group!! Need help? Want to receive a grant or any questions can be referred via our Contact Page on this SFTurners.org page!

September 2020:

Women In Turning | Regional Representative Kathy Knorr is a member of WiT, AAW, The Enchanted Woodturners in Santa Fe and the New Mexico Woodturners in Albuquerque:

Creating a Virtual WiT Community | While in-person meetings are the most ideal way to communicate with each other, the difficult times we are experiencing have really forced us to reconsider what it means to stay connected.

Zoom chats are allowing us to check in with family, friends, and other woodworkers. The AAW Women in Turning committee recently started hosting WiT Presents, a Zoom session that highlights women woodturners and their achievements. Each session consists of the presentation of a woman woodturner’s work, followed by a short question and answer session where you can learn more about the maker. As an AAW member you have access to these sessions. If you are not an AAW member, but would like more information on grants that the WiT committee offers for discounted memberships, please send me an email Sfturners@gmail.com 

And join WiT (open to all women turners) on Facebook’s private group women in turning.  Your request will be accepted as all are once it has been vetted. It is a great place to share ideas, ask questions and to learn!

For Zoom chat Kathy would love to host WiT chats with a show and tell and get to know each other across our state and region. We can have quest speakers who talk about their path in turning and share ideas for marketing, turning, tools and equipment. Email SFturners@gmail.com if you are interested and provide some monthly times that would be good for your schedule.

 Women in Turning strives to stay active and to reach out to the community. Virtual club meetings help to keep the spirit and enthusiasm of woodturning alive. You and every woman woodturner are part of a broader artistic movement just like artists such as Van Gogh, Andy Warhol, Sonja Delaunay, and Georgia O’Keefe. We grow as artists through community and being a part of something greater. Helping each other in our work can take different forms: sharing tips, encouragement, tools, best practices, successes, and yes, failures. With your help we can do this for each other and grow stronger. Some members of the woodturning community may be struggling to access the tools they need. One way we can help each other is by reaching out and loaning the tools, wood, and encouragement to continue their passion. We can also have check-ins with other members to see what they are creating in their shops, i.e. a show and tell. Community has always been important in woodturning and is even more so in these trying times.

Look What we have been up to!! Several WiT meetings have been held to work on projects together, both in Albuquerque and in Santa Fe.

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