The Enchanted WoodTrurners of Santa Fe NM

2019 March – Jim Relyea

Monday- 6PM- March 11, 2019  Enchanted Woodturners Meeting

We will meet at ECO Woodworking Shop, look at the ECO location on Google Satellite to see it.

Subject:  Outboard Turning

Presenter:  Jim Relyea

WHAT is outboard turning, and how old is outboarding?

Some photos of the famous early outboards are below.

Jim will demonstrate outboard turning with the outboard turning stand.  Jim will begin by turning a thin edged square platter.  Anyone who wants to try to use the stand and do some outboard turning is encouraged to do so.   Doing it is how you learn outboarding.

If anyone has any questions about outboard turning or suggestions about what they would like Jim to demonstrate, please let him know what they are.  He is asking for input about what you want to see.   Please email requests to Taz & Jim:  mcwawc@gmail.com;  tazwellb@msn.com

ALSO, please bring a check or cash to pay your 2019 TEW dues to our Treasurer, Dean Johnson. ($25 single, $30 family)

Show & Tell” please bring at least one “good” piece to brag about, and one “mistake/bad” piece to explain or ask what went wrong.

We will all have a wonderful time, so don’t be late and come early to visit with friends.

See you there,

Taz Bramlette


The Enchanted Woodturners

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