The Enchanted WoodTrurners of Santa Fe NM

Santa Fe High – Volunteer and Mentor

Application for Volunteering can be found here: https://apps.raptortech.com/Apply/Nzk4OmVuLVVT
If you have any questions about this application, please feel free to reach out to Sabra Romero at saromero@sfps.k12.nm.us or 505-467-2024.

NEW!   ECO students have “Club Meetings” every Thursday from 2:05PM to 3:40PM.

We also need volunteers for the regular ECO class on Mondays from 12:25 PM – 2 PM.

There are several types of ECO Club Meetings that the students have organized and participate in: for Paint Ball, Computers, Auto stuff, Gardening, etc.   The students are free to join these clubs so they can pursue and do things they want to learn and do.

These club meetings sometimes continue after of official end time at 3:40PM.

THE GOOD NEWS: Several students asked the wood teacher, Paul Motsinger, if they could form a “Woodturners/Woodworkers Club” so that students who were interested could come to the wood shop and make things. Obviously, the only students who attend are ones who want to learn things and make things.

So the Friday class for TEW Volunteers is cancelled and TEW volunteers can now mentor students during the new “Woodturning Club” meeting on Thursdays, starting at 2:05 PM. The club meeting will end when the TEW volunteers go home, usually 3:40, unless you & some student(s) want to stay longer.

Please let David W.  know if you are interested in volunteering to mentor students at the “Club” meeting on Thursday afternoons starting at 2:05 PM.

And don’t’ forget, we also need volunteers for the regular ECO class on Mondays from 12:25 PM – 2 PM.

SECOND:  Why should a TEW member volunteer to mentor the students at ECO?

First, it is very satisfying to a volunteer to see these kids develop a sense of confidence in themselves and to see their pride in learning and making something new and beautiful.

Second, it’s the agreement that The Enchanted Woodturners made with the Santa Fe School District.

Initially the agreement was a verbal agreement: (a) TEW members would volunteer to mentor students in the wood shop, and (b) the High school would let TEW have its monthly meetings in the woodshop, and TEW members could have access to and use the woodshop on weekends for workshops for free.

Now the agreement has been formalized in a written and signed Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) between TEW and the Santa Fe School District.

The a copy of the MOU is attached. Paragraph II of the MOU is:


  1. The Partner, through its Member-Volunteers, shall enhance the opportunities for

the ECO students as follows:

  1. Provide Member-Volunteers to be available during scheduled classes in the wood shop at the Early College Opportunity Applied Science High School (ECO) campus to instruct students how to turn wood and mentor students in learning woodworking skills.
  2. Offer ECO students who participate in the program character building and life learning skills.
  3. Develop regular communication with ECO staff to coordinate the activities of the Member-Volunteers.
  4. Advise all its Member-Volunteers to abide by the applicable District volunteer policy, including a federal background investigation, sign in/out procedures, and the requirement that Member-Volunteers should at all times wear a visible ID.
  5. The District shall:
  6. Provide the Partner with a schedule of classes for the ECO program to provide the services as described above, and to promptly notify the Partner in the event of the cancellation of any such classes.
  7. Encourage all students in the ECO program who will be participating with the Member-Volunteers to become members of the American Association of Woodturners, to which they may apply at no charge.
  8. Allow the Partner, at no charge, to utilize the wood shop facilities at the ECO campus for organized monthly evening meetings of the Partner, and for special woodworking/woodturning workshops and other educational activities sponsored by the Partner to which ECO students will be invited, at such times as mutually agreeable to the Parties.
  9. Provide support and services to the Partner and the Member-Volunteers as is customary and usual for any other volunteer to the District, including but not limited to, ID stickers, documentation and other volunteer resources.”


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